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Technical Engineer BioHazard Suit -- G3N0CYD3 Personal project

Personal Project: G3N0CYD3 is a vision of an apocalyptic world, inspired by the 2007 horror film "The mist", based on the story of Stephen King. 
The teams formed by technicians are mostly engineers, the latter essential for the operations that take place in large cities as they are able to solve problems with large purifiers, they are the heart for the GENOCYDERS team. 
Their job is to make sure to clear the areas of toxic gases through technical repairs, while the squad of soldiers defend them from potential attacks. 
They are very skilled with tools and equipment, and have a special suit that protects them from toxic gases thanks to an integrated purification system that allows them to breathe pure air. 
They also have a defense weapon supplied in extreme defense cases and where they get lost in the cloud. 
To avoid getting lost, however, the team will be connected via a cable that can be attached to their suits. 
I will upload other stuff soon and all the story.